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Dec 132011

Paddy Power's Last Man Standing competition is one of the most popular bookmaker features around right now. Here's a few tips to increase your chances of claiming the jackpot.

In this competition (£1 entry) you pick a team from the Premier League fixtures to win in order to progress. If your team wins you are through to the next round, if you lose you are out. The Last Man Standing wins the jackpot. The tough part is that you can't choose the same team twice!

As you're only allowed to pick each team once over the course of a tournament it's natural for people to go for the better teams in the earlier rounds. What this means is that, when results go to form, you get large numbers progressing in the earlier stages. Then as the choice dwindles you have to start taking a few risks. Make the most of the free entry special and get one of those unreliable teams out of the way early. If they lose then you get another shot at it next week.

Big teams to win, small teams to lose seems to be garnering the greatest success. So how to stand out? Before you enter a tournament you should have a good look ahead at the fixtures to see if you can spot any potential advantages. Sides like Stoke and Swansea are tricky when they're at home, even for one of the big sides, but they tend to struggle away.

Keeping an eye on injuries could also help. Teams who are struggling this week due to missing stars may be back to full strength in three or four weeks time and instead of taking a risk on them now maybe you can wait until they're a more surefire bet. If you're thinking of winning then you have to be looking at a minimum of ten weeks ahead and more likely around the fifteen week mark. This means that you're going to have to start picking teams from the bottom half of the table eventually, so if you see an opportunity to get them out of the way early on then take it.

There's no definitive tactical plan for this game but a little forethought, an awareness of team's form home and away, some clever planning and a dollop of luck could keep you on your feet long enough to take the jackpot.

How to enter:

To enter Last Man Standing, you must be a Paddy Power customer. If you're yet to open an account with Paddy Power click here to register.

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